Customer scratch card in "Part for Customer" fixed on ticket to define prize. The prize that winning customer will be written below silver paper cover after scratching. Specific information as follow:
Winning 10 taels of gold 9999 (equivalent 1 tael gold=37.5 gram x 10) when appearing with the words "Cùng TRIBECO Rinh Vàng Đón Tết"
a. Winning 20 million viet nam dong when appearing with the words "Cùng TRIBECO Mã Đáo Thành Công".
b. Winning phone scratch card when appearing "lucky code". Write message according to syntax: TRIBECO (space) sent 6040 to receive right a phone card code is worth 50.000 dong.
c. Customers don't win if scratching with the words: "good luck to you next time".

1. Promotion Program: Together TRIBECO to welcome Tet and win Lucky Gold.
2. Goods, promotional products: Cola carbonated soft drinks cans, orange - cans, sarsi - cans, cola PET, orange PET, lemon PET, TRISOY soya milk, bird nest, winter melon tea, (on products packing (paper lot, carton) having stick or print advertising sheet of promotion program TẾT 2014 "Cùng TRIBECO Rinh Vàng Đón Tết".
3. Promotion period: from 20/10/2013 - 17/01/2014 or until out of promotional products.
4. Promotion scope: all the country
5. Promotion form: scratch to define prize.
6.The customer of promotion program (object received promotion): When buy promotional products (mentioned item 3), the customer will find one scratch card inside paper lot or carton products packing.
7. Prize structure:

Prize structure Content Worth No. prize Total (VNĐ)
 First prize  10 taels of gold  381,200,000 (21/08/2013)  2 762,400,000
 Second prize  Cash money  20,000,000  10 200,000,000
 Incentive prize  Phone scratch card  50,000  10,000 500,000,000
 Total amount:    10,012 1,462,400,000

- Incentive prize (phone scratch card) don't convert into cash money
- Total prize worth compared with total worth of promotion goods expected about 1%
8. Specific contents and regulation for promotion program.
Customer win the first prize and the second prize contact to receive prize at address as follow:
• TRIBECO Bình Dương Co., Ltd.

  • Address: No. 8, Street 11, Viet Nam - Singapore Industrial Park, Thuan An Town, Binh Duong Province.
  • Hotline: 0650 3769 884 or 0913 805 187

• Prize receiving period to end of the date 16/02/2013 or out of promotional products

• As receiving the first and second prize, customer should bring scratch cards with the words " Cùng TRIBECO Rinh Vàng Đón Tết" or " Cùng TRIBECO Mã Đáo Thành Công". The wining cards should be according to the Form issued by TRIBECO BINH DUONG Co., Ltd. The card should not be erased, re-corrected, obsure word and it should be kept as original, no patchwork or torn and should be cut with the product packaging that is posted on cratch cards. Part "Part for TRIBECO" must kept all silver cover, not scratch, for censored by TRIBECO, customer don't scratch this part. The customer must bring notarized identify card and family - register.

• With prize that nobody win, TRIBECO has a responsibility to pay 50% announced prize worth for the state budget according to regulation at item 4, clause 96 of business law.

9. Notice Liability:

  • TRIBECO will announce public details of content regulation for promotion program on poster sticked at place selling promotion products, at least on mean of public information and microsite of the products (online)
  • TRIBECO will announce all result of prize on at least mean of public information.

10. Different regulations.
- Customer win the prize must be bear all expense travel, accommodation and pay taxes according to current rules of the state (if have)
- When customer join the promotion program, the winner has obviously accepted for TRIBECO use their name, ID card, address, image of winner into business advertising purpose that no need to ask permission or pay for winner any expenses.
- TRIBECO Binh Duong will announce for Department of Commerce go to Company to operate, control and supervise moving scratch card to define prize in goods.
- All scratch card prize can be changed by customer, send back to TRIBECO and it will become property of TRIBECO.
- In all the case complaint or conflict, TRIBECO Binh Duong release the final decision.

For and behalf of the Company.

                                                                                                                                         General Director
                                                                                                                                      CHEN, KUO-PENG