On Sept. 21 2013, both of Hien Thuc and Tran Thanh appeared in the TRISOY unique event, a chance to admire the largest soybeans pictures in TRISOY - Festival of Records. With the appearance of two stars, the stage seemed to be "blow-up" by thousands of wonderful audiences. This interesting activity was celebrated at the Youth Cultural House (HCM City) by Tribeco Binh Duong Co., Ltd.
Hien Thuc, Tran Thanh "fire" their best in the record festival day.
With the ageless beauty, Hien Thuc singer appeared in the jumpsuit with sweet turquoise color and attracted audiences presented at the festival day with many favourite songs like "Yeu Dau Theo Gio Bay", "Nhat Ky Cua Me", "Nhu Van Con Day". The singer really made a night. The beautiful face with smooth skin brimful of vitality, fully charming slim stature, nobody could believe she has an older 10-year-old daughter.


The beautiful singer talked friendly with the audiences who attended at the festival day. Many audiences felt very enthusiastic because they had a chance to take picture with their idol.
Next to beautiful and charming singer is MC Tran Thanh, funny and witty when he made "guide" throughout the program. His vibrant and youth is loved by young people. In reply to audiences' enthusiastic support, he did not hesitate to sing four songs continuously: "Tim Lai Bau Troi", "Su Lua Chon", "Chi Anh Hieu Em" and "Can't take my eyes off you".
Moreover, the even became hotter with the present of a beautiful movie star, Ms. Diem My. She is companied by Tran Thanh in the game as "Drinking Soya Record" ... and talking with Mrs. Dao Thi Yen Thuy – nutrition specialist (from HCM City Nutrition Center) about the benefit of soya, queries of women related to health and beauty.


On TRISOY – Festival of Record and particular wonders.
"TRISOY – Festival of Record" still remains much echo in the hearts of participants:
The largest soybean picture: the most surprising and interesting is the Soul Vietnamese picture attached from 927,200 soybeans through material treating process.
This record picture was "draw" by 8 artists in 30 days with all the love for their Vietnam homeland. The picture Soul of Vietnam has formed a record as the puzzle from the most number of soybeans in Vietnam.
A plentiful culture and entertainment activities: Another surprises that made many audiences admired is the huge model of TRISOY soya can (5m in height). Besides, the audiences also participated in many interesting games to win prizes as the 9999 gold. A lot of helpful advices fore health and beauty were given by nutrition specialist.


Drinking traditional flavor soy milk as much as you could: The participants drank TRISOY with pleasure, everybody affirm it is delicious, nutritious with traditional favor. TRISOY soya milk is made from 100% natural soybean that is non-GMO and imported from the best soybean growing regions in Canada. For further information about soybean and activities: