Gentle that subtle, rustic but full of emotion, Soul of Viet painting is made by Nguyen Minh Phuong, a famous artist, was confirmed as mosaic picture from the most number of soybeans in Viet nam.
The picture converged full of characteristic images of Vietnam's North, Central and South area: One Pillar Pagoda - a symbol of intelligence, longevity, is the pride of Thang Long - thousand years of culture, Trang Tien Bridge - Hue poetry, specific beauty of poetic Ancient Capital. Ben Thanh market - the pride of Ho Chi Minh City. All had been lifeliked by 250 kilos of soybeans impressed many people by its unique and amazing.buc-tranh-hon-viet-10

The unique giant can of soy milk


Visitors admired the giant soya milk can ever - TRISOY 5m in height. The giant TRISOY left a strong impression in the hearts of the visitors, so that they did not want to miss this chance to take pictures and clips to save such special moments.
Pleasure drinking, passionately playing, amusing with gifts.
Festival day had brought a funny entertainment space, comfortable relaxing for everyone in weekend.
"TRISOY - Festival of Record" is consulted by a nutrition specialist from HCM City Nutrition Center, giving a lot of useful advices about the benefit of soybean for women's health and beauty. The soybean seemed to be small so its benefit is so wonderful for skin with harsh of the ageing process as well as time rule. That is the source of gold nutrition for women to preserve and take good care of theirs health and youth.
Festival atmosphere is more and more exciting when there was the present of many famous people like MC Tran Thanh, Hien Thuc singer, Diem My 9x movie star...excellent in music and song program.
Besides, many exciting games also created an interesting playground for the visitors. In this event, the luckiest five visitors were given one 9999 gold present each.
Enjoy traditional soya milk
Especially, TRISOY is famous for traditional flavor that is confirmed by most of the visitors. Most people are very surprised; do not believe that TRISOY is as delicious as home-cooked soy milk.
Thanks to more than 20 years of producing soya milk experience and modern technology, TRIBECO introduced to the consumers the most wonderful soya ever, TRISOY – Traditional flavor. Thus, TRIBECO is confident to serve the best drink for Viet Nam consumers' health

 tran-thanhTRISOY Soy milk - in timely with traditional Flavor
With more than 20 years of producing soya milk experience, TRIBECO has launched the premium TRISOY. TRISOY is manufactured with advanced extracting technology to keep perfectly nutritional components and protein in soybean, it also guarantees traditional delicious soya milk flavor. TRISOY is produced from 100% natural and Non-GMO soybeans that is imported from the best soybean growing regions in Canada.

TRISOY supplies essential nutrition such as magnesium, fiber, kali, amino acid, protein and vitamins A, E, PP, and B12...; not only a soft drink but also helping maintain women's health, resisting osteoporosis, preventing cancer, diabetes, high blood pressure, fat in blood. Besides, it is good for ageing resistance, extending youth, women's physiological balance.
For further information about TRISOY, as well as the benefit of soya: