Soul of Vietnam - The unique soybean picture

Gentle that subtle, rustic but full of emotion, Soul of Viet painting is made by Nguyen Minh Phuong, a famous artist, was confirmed as mosaic picture from the most number of soybeans in Viet nam.

Hien Thuc, Tran Thanh "fire" their best in the record festival day

On Sept. 21 2013, both of Hien Thuc and Tran Thanh appeared in the TRISOY unique event, a chance to admire the largest soybeans pictures in TRISOY - Festival of Records. With the appearance of two stars, the stage seemed to be "blow-up" by thousands of wonderful audiences.

One million soybean graft a picture Soul of Viet

The painting has a wide of 3.5 m, length 7m, showing characteristic landscapes of the North - Central - South, such as the One - Pillar Pagoda, Trang Tien Bridge, Ben Thanh Market.